So. . . we are a bunch of birth nerds. We love reading about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and babies. If you’re looking for reliable sources of information, check out some of our favorites below!

Pregnancy is a website with an app to match that provides information about pregnancy week by week. You’ll read what to expect to feel, as well as how your baby is growing and developing. Trying to conceive, or already have kids? There’s plenty of information for you, too!

Obstetrician vs. Midwife vs. Doula – a Web MD article about the different providers you may consider to attend your birth. If you haven’t given much thought to what kind of prenatal care is right for you, check this out!

I have a doctor, why get a doula? answers this common question from an unbiased perspective.


Evidence Based Birth This link is specifically to 5 birth myths debunked – a great read for any expecting parent! The owner of this site is a nurse with her PhD, and it is a near-limitless source of information you can trust.

Spinning Babies Learn all about what physically happens during labor to the birthing person AND the baby. Beyond this, learn how to prepare your body for the most comfortable and effective labor with stretches, exercises, positioning, and more. (Plenty of free information, and also opportunities to buy classes and educational material.)

Why Natural Childbirth? If you’re interested in unmedicated birth, Read about what happens during a normal, this article from the Journal of Perinatal Education is a great place to start.


The Office on Women’s Health has a treasure trove of information for breastfeeding parents. Whether you have a specific concern or just want to browse, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for here.

Stanford Medicine Breastfeeding has clear videos showing techniques for hand expression, latching, and more. Be prepared to see bare breasts, if you’re not already used to it!

The Breastfeeding Subreddit is an unusually well-informed, supportive, LARGE internet community of breastfeeding parents. When you need to celebrate, vent, obsess, or wonder, this is a great place to do it.


Happiest Baby on the Block Did you know that babies are born with a calming reflex that you can use to stop them from crying? These tricks to soothe a little one who is already fed, changed, and comfortable can feel like literal baby hacks.

The Fourth Trimester It’s natural to think that birth is a clear-cut transition from one pregnant person to one parent and a baby (or babies!) But realistically, newborn babies still very much need their parents’ bodies to survive. And it takes weeks for a postpartum parent to transition physically, emotionally, and hormonally from pregnancy to parenthood. This delicate time for parents and babies is often overlooked or minimized, and it deserves better care. Read a little about this “fourth trimester” and prepare yourself for the extra care you’ll need when the time comes.

Local Support Groups Having a baby can be isolating. There is truly no substitute for connecting with other parents in your area. Bodywise hosts a virtual postpartum support group linked above, as well as an in-person breastfeeding support group. Contact us for more information