Take a look at the information below to learn more about doula and lactation support. If you’d like to move forward, or even just have a chat about your specific needs, fill out my inquiry form through the Peaceful Birth Company. You will be redirected, but don’t panic! Simply fill out the form, and mention in your birth vision that you’re interested in working with Chelsea. You can always contact me directly if you would like assistance.

Birth Doula

With Chelsea as your doula, you can expect a positive and empowering birth experience. Chelsea will get to know you and your family during your pregnancy, seeking to understand your vision and goals for your birth. She will help you get prepared for birth in many ways, including teaching you to advocate for your preferences with your healthcare providers.

On Birthing Day, Chelsea will be by your side continuously from the onset of active labor through delivery of the baby. She will help manage your pain, keep up your morale, and stay on top of all the logistics (checking in with the babysitter/pet sitter, picking up food, managing your visitors) so that you and your partner can focus exclusively on your birth. When labor gets tough, Chelsea will be there to lift you up and lend you some strength to keep going.

After the baby arrives, Chelsea will help you have the perfect “magical hour” of skin-to-skin contact and establish breastfeeding. She will tidy up, make sure you and your partner have everything you need, and then depart so you can bond in private.

Postpartum Doula

The arrival of a new baby can turn your world upside down, in all the best AND worst ways. Having Chelsea as your postpartum doula gets rid of some of those worsts. Visiting you at home, Chelsea will help you process your birth experience, check in with you about breastfeeding, and pass along time-tested newborn care techniques. She will tidy up, see that there’s food in the fridge or pantry, and make sure everyone has clean laundry for the next few days.

Chelsea can also take the baby off your hands for a while so you can get a nap, spend time with your older children, or reconnect with your partner. Conversely, she’d be happy to read your older children a story or take them for a walk so you can be alone with the little one!

The postparum doula’s role is as unique as the family she serves, but whatever your family needs to feel supported, Chelsea can be there for you.

Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding Support

Feeding your baby should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience for you and your baby. But that doesn’t mean it always comes easily! If you are struggling to breastfeed, chestfeed, or pump and bottle feed, it is not your fault. Chelsea is a Certified Lactation Counselor, and she can address all the common concerns including breast and nipple pain, worries about milk supply, use of bottles and pacifiers, baby fussing while nursing, pumping output, and much more.

If nursing is important to you, know that you have every reason to believe you CAN do it without pain and you CAN give your baby the nutrition they need.

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