3-Step Feeding

You’ve heard of breastfeeding, you’ve heard of bottle feeding, but what about 3-STEP FEEDING? 3-step feeding is when a lactating parent nurses their baby, then pumps, then bottle-feeds using the freshly pumped milk. It’s a strategy to help ensure the baby is getting enough to eat and the lactating parent is stimulating enough milk production,Continue reading “3-Step Feeding”

The Toxic Myth of “Getting Your Body Back”

You know what I wish? I wish that postpartum parents and the people who love them would abandon the notion of “getting your pre-pregnancy body back.” Just forget about it! Not because postpartum parents can’t be fit, strong, healthy, beautiful, and sexy. Rather, because the idea of going back to before your experience of birthContinue reading “The Toxic Myth of “Getting Your Body Back””