About Us

Nick, Raphael, Chelsea, and Desdemona

Bodywise is a family owned business in Loveland, Colorado.

Chelsea is a DONA-trained doula and Certified Lactation Counselor. A self-proclaimed birth nerd since the birth of her little sister in 1989, she nevertheless enjoyed a career in engineering and finance before turning to birth work. Chelsea is passionate about supporting positive birth and breastfeeding in Northern Colorado. She serves as Bodywise’s Head Doula, Head of Marketing and Web Development, Social Media Specialist, and Chief Content Writer.

Nick is a father of two and also has a background in program management and IT. Nick serves as Bodywise’s Head of Tech Support, Web Presence Consultant, Bargain Shopper and Unofficial Therapist.

Desdemona was born in 2017 and serves as Bodywise’s Chief Rebozo Folder and as a Doula in Training.

Raphael was born in 2018 and serves as Bodywise’s Executive Birthing Ball Bouncer and as a Doula in Training.

Chelsea’s mission statement: I believe that having a voice in your birth experience is a human right. I believe in supporting a birth giver’s vision, and helping them advocate for an experience that matches their vision as closely as is reasonable. I believe all kinds of births can be “natural” and all birth preferences come from a valid place. Beyond this, I believe every pregnant person deserves an ally who truly wants to hear what they have to say, who enjoys spending time answering questions, and who can lend strength, confidence, and calm during the birth.

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